Body, Mind, Birth
A realxing confidence building class to help you prepare physically and mentally to
give birth. With specially selected exercises from sources including hypnobirthing,
mindfulness, visualization, Somatic Psychologie and Body-Mind-Centering.
You build the key skills to help you stay calm, centered and relaxed. Includes
physical and mental exercises to build your energy reserves, help to trust
and follow your insticts and relaxations to bond and connect with your Baby.

Singing during pregnancy
"Singing during pregnancy" is based on an established vocal technique, with training
customized to fit the needs of pregnant women. In this way the entire body becomes
engaged, particularly the groups of muscles that ensure healthy respiration and correct
posture. The most important of these muscles is the pelvic floor. Elements of yoga are
incorporated into the course to support physical training and breathing techniques.
Exercises promoting relaxation, perception and concentration help you rediscover your
equilibrium and support prenatal bonding. Singing is influential in developing a healthy
physical awareness. It invites you to trust in spontaneity, intuition and your own capability
to, with happiness, bring a healthy child into the world.